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OmniPower OGT17-3P: 17kW Optimised 3-Phase Grid-Tie Inverter for PV Solar


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OmniPower 20kW Optimised 3-Phase Grid-Tie Inverter for PV Solar

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A Grid-Tie inverter supplements your mains utility power with solar power. In order to achieve this the electricity produced by your solar panels is converted from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) by the grid-tie inverter. An important point to consider when buying a grid-tie or on-grid solar solution is whether it is possible to feed electricity back into the grid (legally). If this is an option your can reap the reward of further savings by supplying excess power to the mains utility grid and receiving credits from your utility provider. If this isn’t possible in your area, then you should be sure to purchase a grid-tie inverter with export controls that allow you to disable the feedback into the grid. This system is ideal for businesses who use most of their electricity during the day. The system allows for self-use consumption when you use most of your electricity.

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Weight 50.5 kg
Dimensions 65.15 × 51.3 × 20.7 cm

General Features

• 10.2kW ~ 20.5kW

• MPPT efficiency up to 99.9%

• Maximum efficiency up to 98.2%

• Maximum DC input voltage at 1000V

• Dual MPP trackers and wide MPPT voltage range for more flexibility

• Easy to configure and higher yield

• Integrated DC switch

• Temperature controlled fan

• High protection class IP65 (indoor/outdoor use)

• Integrated Protection: RCD, isolation,over voltage, and earth protection, etc


• Cost Saving

• Shopping Malls

• Office Blocks

• Factories

• Hospitals

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