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SSHY3000-Pro: 3kW Hybrid Solar Kit


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3kW Hybrid Solar Kit. Daily Yield: 22kWh. Battery Capacity (50% DoD): 2.4kWh.

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POWER FAILURE? NOT YOUR PROBLEM. The Solar Station HYBRID Kit is the ultimate system for generating solar power, either connected to the grid or off-the-grid, and ensuring 100% automatic backup power during power failures. You choose when you want to use solar energy, when you want to draw from your battery bank, and when you want to get electricity from the grid. Kit includes heavy-duty pure-sinewave 3-in-1 hybrid inverter with built-in battery charger, Class A Tier-1 polycrystalline or thin-film CIGS solar panels, AGM Gel VRLA battery bank as well as all the cables and fuses required for setup.

3 Functions in 1 Inverter

Grid-Tie Operation:
No need for a battery bank. PV Solar powers your load directly during the day while mains power supplies the loads at night or during periods of insufficient sunshine. Excess solar power can be fed into the grid.

Hybrid Operation:
The Omnipower Hybrid Inverter saves you money by using battery energy first when PV energy is low. Only when the battery levels run low will the inverter extract AC power from the grid. The Omnipower Hybrid Inverter is also able to function as an off-grid inverter to provide continuous power even when no grid exists – the ideal power solution for remote regions.

Backup Power:
The unit can also function without PV panels as a pure back-up system. In the event of a power failure, the Omnipower Hybrid Inverter will provide instant backup power to the load from the battery bank. PV solar can be added at a later stage.

Weight538.3 kg
Dimensions120 × 90 × 90 cm



48V 3kW Single-Phase Hybrid Inverter

Solar Panels:

12 x 335W CIGS Thin-Film Eterbright Panels


4 x 12V 120Ah Sealed AGM (OPR120-12)

Daily Yield:


Kit Includes

• Heavy Duty Pure-Sinewave 3-in-1 Hybrid Power Inverter with built-in battery charger
• Battery Bank
• Class A Tier-1 PV Solar Panels
• All DC Cables and Connectors
• Powder-coated steel Battery Cabinet, Fuses & Fuse Holders
• Mounting Structure is NOT included in the kit. Contact Sinetech to discuss your requirements.

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