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Solar Station Off Grid: 1000W 24V


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1kW Off-Grid PV Solar Kit with Lithium-Ion Batteries

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Solar Station OFF-GRID Kit helps you create, store and use power anywhere the journey takes you and is the ideal power source for those who live off the beaten track or in locations without electrical infrastructure. No need for electrical mains! Kit includes heavy-duty pure-sinewave inverter with built-in solar charge controller, Class A Tier-1 polycrystalline solar panels, battery bank (either AGM Gel VRLA or Lithium-Ion) as well as all the cables and fuses required for setup.

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Weight 73.8 kg
Dimensions 120 × 90 × 90 cm



24V 1kW Heavy Duty Inverter

Solar Panels:

2 x 250W Polycrystalline Solar Modules


2 x LiFeYPO4 12.8V 100Ah 1280Wh

Daily Yield:


Run Time:

13.1 hours

* Run Time is calculated on a recommended load of 150W total. Run time may vary and will depend on weather conditions. To work out the total power consumption of your load, look for the information sticker on the back or base of your appliances/equipment for the Watts rating. Adding the Watts rating of all the items in your load together will give you your total load.

Kit Includes

* Heavy Duty Pure-Sinewave Power Inverter with built-in Solar Charge Controller
* Battery Bank
* Class A Tier-1 Polycrystalline PV Solar Panels
* All DC Cables and Connectors
* Fuses & Fuse Holders
* Powder-coated steel Battery Cabinet

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