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SunnyJim 300 – 300W Off-Grid Portable Solar Kit

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300W Off-Grid Portable PV Solar Kit with Lead-Acid Battery + FREE LED Clip-On Cap Light! Clips onto any cap for the brightest hands-free illumination around. Ideal for fishing!

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2 in stock

With the OmniPower SunnyJim 300, there’s no need to have access to the electrical grid. Just position the solar panel in direct sunlight and plug it into the box, then plug your load into the 1 x Schuko outlet! Kit includes pure sinewave inverter, solar charge controller, Class A Tier-1 polycrystalline solar panel, 1 x 12V 45Ah Deep Cycle Battery, cables and connectors. Comes in a sturdy case with handle.


Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 58 × 27 × 28 cm



12V 300W Pure Sinewave

Solar Panels:

1 x 150W Polycrystalline Solar Module


1 x 12V 45Ah Deep Cycle Lead Acid

Daily Yield:


Run Time:

5 hours*

* Run Time is calculated on a recommended load of 60W total. Run time may vary and will depend on weather conditions. To work out the total power consumption of your load, look for the information sticker on the back or base of your appliances/equipment for the Watts rating. Adding the Watts rating of all the items in your load together will give you your total load.

Kit Includes

* Pure-Sinewave Power Inverter
* PWM Solar Charge Controller
* Battery
* Class A Tier-1 Polycrystalline PV Solar Panel
* DC Cables and Connectors

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  1. gringogregory

    Looks like a good deal for home owners. Definitely worth it