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OPGL03033 3P/3P Input Power Factor Correction, Transformerless Online Omnipower UPS


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NOTE: This UPS does not include internal or external batteries; these will need to be purchased separately. If you require assistance determining your backup time, please contact shoponline@sinetech.co.za.

Protect your costly, sensitive equipment and valuable data from power interruptions, power surges and power spikes with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Sinetech offers predesigned and turnkey UPS solutions for applications ranging from a single personal computer to large data centres and server rooms.

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An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a backup power supply that, in case of power failure or fluctuations, allows enough time for an orderly shutdown of the system or for standby generator to start up. UPS consists usually of a bank of batteries and power sensing and conditioning circuitry, and comes in two basic types: (1) Continuously-Online UPS provides steady and clean (spike free) AC power even when the mains power supply is available, and is recharged continuously by the mains supply. Also called true online backup. (2) Standby UPS automatically comes on when the mains supply fails or fluctuates inordinately. Its batteries are recharged when it is not in use.

Larger UPSs come with the software that allows for automatic, unattended shut down of the system in its proper sequence.

Safeguard your electronics with a true double conversion online UPS from Sinetech – we have been supplying affordable, feature-rich pure sine wave protection for your home and business for over 40 years!

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Weight 64 kg
Dimensions 59.2 × 25 × 82.6 cm

General Features

• True double-conversion
• DSP Technology guarantees high performance
• Output power factor 0.9
• Active Power factor correction
• 50 Hz/60 Hz frequency converter mode
• Dual-mains inputs
• Emergency power off function (EPO)
• Generator compatible
• 3-stage extendable charging design for optimized battery performance
• Adjustable battery numbers
• Static Switch and Maintenance Bypass standard
• Optional N+X parallel redundancy
• Optional isolation transformer offers full isolation and complete common mode noise rejection

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