Inverter Only

Inverter Only

Sinetech offers a comprehensive range of high-quality and cost-effective inverters for sale. Whether you opt for a Sunsynk inverter, Growatt inverter, or Solar Max inverter, ensure you have a dependable power source when you choose a home inverter from Sinetech.

Solar Inverters For Sale

Inverters play a crucial role in solar-powered systems, transforming the DC (direct current) electricity generated by solar panels or stored in batteries into AC (alternating current) electricity compatible with your home or business's power grid.

Type of Inverters

When looking for the right inverter for your needs, it's essential that you understand the distinctions among the three types of inverters available:

Pure Sinewave Inverters

Mimicking a conventional on-grid power supply, a pure sine wave inverter efficiently handles large AC loads without any interference. Empower your household with seamless power for home appliances and devices like TVs, power tools, wifi, and fridges.

Modified Sinewave Inverters

Ideal for smaller off-grid loads such as tablets, televisions, and Wi-Fi routers, modified sinewave inverters are not recommended for power-intensive appliances due to potential interference issues.

Hybrid Solar Inverters

A cost-effective solution, hybrid solar inverters integrate the inverter charger with a battery charger into a single unit. This design makes them one of the top choices of home inverters, offering backup power during unexpected outages.

Sinetech's Range of Inverters in South Africa

Sinetech's extensive collection of battery inverters and 3kw inverters for sale in South Africa, is designed to suit residential, commercial, or industrial applications. Whether you opt for Pure Sinewave, Modified Sinewave, or Hybrid Solar inverters, Sinetech ensures a solution for your specific needs at a suitable inverter price.

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