Enjoy a cost-effective and dependable power source with Sinetech’s solar power solutions – the optimal choice for navigating through load shedding and power outages in South Africa. Browse our collection of solar components to create a home solar power system tailored to your needs.

Embrace grid independence with a Sinetech solar power system

Transitioning to a solar power system for home brings a multitude of benefits:

  • Reduced dependence on the grid – say goodbye to loadshedding!
  • Savings on electricity bills
  • Environmental impact reduction

With our solar power supply solutions, you gain control over your energy consumption, breaking free from the grid and from loadshedding. Sinetech is proud to guide thousands of South Africans towards embracing the power of the sun.

Navigating solar power in South Africa

Whether you’re looking for a small solar power system for your business or the perfect rooftop solar power system to energise your home, our expert team stands ready to walk you through the process and provide ongoing support for a smooth-running system. Contact us today to explore our inverter and solar power solutions and flexible financing options.

Living without loadshedding is simpler than you think. With Sinetech, you have all the essentials to implement alternative power solutions for your home or business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar power system price depends significantly on how you want to solar power your home. Off-grid solar power systems, for example, require higher capacity and more batteries and panels than other types of solar. As a rough guide, a 2kWh system costs around R60000, a 3kWh system is about R75000, and a 5kWh system is priced at approximately R110000.

Solar systems can provide electricity for your house at night, but they can’t draw power during nighttime. Batteries store energy for you to use at night, but the solar panels won’t be drawing power from the sun at night, due to the photovoltaic effect, where solar cells are activated by sunlight, leading to the generation of electrical current.

Solar panels can generate electricity on cloudy days, but at a slower rate than sunny days. To check if your system is producing energy during overcast conditions, look for shadows outside – if objects cast shadows, your system is likely generating power to some extent.

Yes, solar power is renewable. Solar power is an emission-free energy source, meaning it produces no greenhouse gas emissions to work. It can last over 25 years, contributing to a minimal carbon footprint. As long as the sun shines, energy is continually released.

Most South Africans with solar power agree that it is worthwhile. Solar panels last 25-30 years before their efficiency starts to decline with time. Homeowners typically recover their investment in 6-10 years, enjoying over 16 years of savings on electricity bills. Solar power has become such a popular alternative energy source that you can find solar power kits for homes, with all the components you need to go off-grid.

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