Grid-Tie Solar Kits

Grid-Tie Solar Kits

Higher tariffs and the intended revised tariff calculation means that now more than ever, you need to be providing at least some of your own electricity through solar PV.

The intended increase in base network charge is in effect levelled to make customers who have solar pay for “using the grid as a battery”. This refers to customers who feed surplus solar energy into the grid for a credit and then draw it out at a later stage as needed. If you are going to be paying for that, you may as well use it.

Businesses, schools, hospitals and even your own home can benefit from a Grid-Tie PV system through free self-consumption and reduced overall energy bills where feed-in is possible.

If your requirement is for much cheaper daytime energy without the cost of batteries, a Grid-Tie PV kit could be the first step to your energy independence. Contact us today on 011 886 7874 or [email protected] for an installation quote and other advice on a solution that suits you.

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